Is your sign's intensity obvious or behind-the-scenes?

Is your sign's intensity obvious or behind-the-scenes?

Scorpios are intense. That's why some people are scared of us and intimidated by us. We know no in-betweens and our behavior, opinions and ways can be very extreme. In which extreme are you? Are you a good or a bad Scorpio? Let's see…

Good Scorpio:
- You are resourceful and love to help others.
- You defend the truth even if it could end up hurting you.
- You would give a friend your shirt off your back if that's what they needed.
- Your commitment to your friends and family is unmatched.

Bad Scorpio:
- You are so stubborn to the point of not being able to admit your mistakes even when you know you're wrong.
- You have not been able to forgive someone who wronged you years ago.
- Your mood can be very dark and pessimistic at times.
- You are jealous with your lovers and your friends.
- You have dark secrets that you haven't shared them with anybody.

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