Is your cat trying to warn you about something, Virgo?

Posted by Tristan Styles
Is your cat trying to warn you about something, Virgo?

Turns out that cats can sense things before they happen, and they try to communicate this to you via their body language. Sounds crazy, huh? That what my skeptical Capricorn pal told me... until my best feline friend’s warnings proved to be true! Watch for these (especially the washing one ear thing, which happened to me with a very unexpected visitor arriving right after)...

Climbing on furniture more than usual: It’s going to rain.
Following you around more than usual: You’re about to make some surprise money.
Washing one ear three times in a row: Visitor(s) will arrive from the direction your cat is looking (within a few hours).
Hanging around a doorway: Your cat can answer a yes/no question for you. Think of a question, they call for your cat from the other side of the doorway. If its right paw crossed through the doorway first, the answer is yes. If the left, no.

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