Think you’re a true Capricorn? Maybe not!

Think you’re a true Capricorn? Maybe not!

I have some news for you: you might not be a real Capricorn! I’m sort of kidding... if you are born during Capricorn’s time in the Sun, of course that is your Sun Sign. But we have all sorts of influences on us, like the Moon and other planets. So, how stereotypically Capricorn are you, really?

True Capricorn: Puts their personal goals ahead of other priorities. They need to succeed.
Not so Capricorn: Puts others first based on what seems more important.

True Capricorn: Won’t back down when they know they are right.
Not so Capricorn: Would rather avoid conflict, so they try not to be too stubborn or opinionated.

True Capricorn: Likes to have control.
Not so Capricorn: Prefers to let others make decisions.

True Capricorn: Is all in or all out.
Not so Capricorn: Is flexible and sees the gray area.

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