If you are an Aries on the cusp, your personality is…

If you are an Aries on the cusp, your personality is…

Obviously, not all Aries are the same. Those who were born closer to one of the two neighboring signs (Pisces & Taurus) can be a little or very different than a full-blooded Aries native.

These are the main differences between those two:

Pisces-Aries cusp: In theory, this Fire and Water combination sounds like a recipe for disaster. In reality, people born between March 18 and March 22 are a beautiful mix of imagination and fearlessness. Rams born under this cusp know how to make their dreams come true, but they can also become very impatient and too direct in interactions for their own good.

Aries-Taurus cusp: Believed to be very powerful days, people born between April 17 and 22 are bold but also socially adaptable. Both signs are very driven and success comes almost automatic for them. The drawback is a risk of becoming too authoritative and opinionated.

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