Do these to a Capricorn and you’ll regret it!

Do these to a Capricorn and you’ll regret it!

Capricorns don’t have a lot of gray area... it’s basically all or nothing. Especially when it comes to their closest relationships. They don’t allow a lot of people into their inner circle, and they can also be quick to ice someone out. These are the things that hurt them so deeply, they won’t take you seriously ever again...

1. You say one thing but do another. Actions speak so loudly to Capricorns, your explanations don’t mean much if they aren’t in sync. Being a hypocrite is the most offensive example of this. Practice what you preach!
2. You kiss up to them... when you need something. Yes, us Goats are good to have on your side because we are hardworking, smart, and dependable. But we catch on quickly if you’re just using us for your benefit.
3. You’re hot and cold. One day you’re nice, the next you’re not. You’re a wildcard, and we hate unpredictability and take it personally when you get all Jekyll and Hyde. We get weary of trying to figure you out and then, well, you’re out!

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