Turns out Virgos put other signs in danger here...

Posted by Tristan Styles
Turns out Virgos put other signs in danger here...

Are we missing the road through the cars? A study found that Virgos are the worst drivers, in that they get into the most accidents! Seriously??

A book by Gunter Sachs called The Astrology File is circulating here at Horoscope.com’s office, and we are all pretty obsessed. He did all these statistical analyses of all the signs, and his findings are so crazy! I will be sharing more in the future, but first, let’s discuss this whole driving/accident thing.

As a Virgo, have you gotten into any accidents? Who was at fault? I am not buying into this theory, because the only accident I’ve ever gotten into was the other driver’s fault. Speeding tickets and parking violations... well, that’s another story!

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