Leo, are you too popular for your own good?

Leo, are you too popular for your own good?

Leo is by far the most fun sign. Fiery, smart and easy-going, everyone wants us as part of their clan and at their parties!

The only problem with this is it might be affecting our health, and therefore, our looks. With so many birthdays, weddings and social events, we could end up partying way more than we should.

A few rules can certainly help. You don't have to send all your friends a memo. Keep them secret and stick to them as much as you can. To find the right balance in your life, try setting the following rules:

• No matter what, exercise four times a week. Make social plans only after your group class or going to the gym.
• If you get too many invitations to birthday parties, bring your friend a gift, have a couple of drinks and then… go home!
• When it comes to love, it might be harder to find a partner or spend time with an existing one if you're always with one friend or another. Make time (alone) for love.
Make healthy plans with your friends. A yoga class, going for a hike or even just a movie night is just as much fun as going out to a club or a bar.

Try it, Leo. It works!

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