Are you too sexy for your own good, Scorpio?

Are you too sexy for your own good, Scorpio?

Scorpio is by far the sexiest sign. Most of us (I hope) are very proud of our legendary magnetism and stamina. But all this passion and power sometimes becomes a little hard to handle, doesn't it?

It could go both ways. Sometimes, when I have told some guys I am a Scorpio, they immediately become obsessed with getting me in bed as soon as possible. Once, one even said: "I have great sex with Scorpios." Omg… yikes!

Or, some of them even find our powerful personality very intimidating, probably worried that they will not be able to keep up or even be able to satisfy us at all. Something that, unfortunately, has for sure happened to me.

So, how can Scorpios handle this extreme sexiness in the dating world? I believe the perfect recipe is mixing the right amount of mystery with confidence and a passionate but soft attitude.

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