These are the jobs perfectly suited for Taurus...

Posted by Devin Bullock
These are the jobs perfectly suited for Taurus...

How’s your work situation going? Whether you’re happily employed, seeking a new or better job, just getting your start after school, or even still in school, you know work and making money are pretty crucial, especially for maintaining your Taurus high standards of living. Here are the jobs that Taurus do best:

Music production/direction. From record producer to composer to sound mixer, a career behind the voices and instruments is ideal for a business-minded, patient, calm, and organized Taurus.
The food industry. Ideally, owning your own restaurant or food-related business is the best fit, but you’d excel as a cook, organic farmer, waiter, or cookbook editor.
Interior designer. You have a knack for adding touches that make a room inviting and beautiful. You know the best arrangements for the furniture in each space. You have great taste.
Financial adviser. Whether you work in a small credit union or on Wall Street, you’re good with money and have the patience to wait for a return on your investments.

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