Tips to turn your luck around, Sagittarius...

Tips to turn your luck around, Sagittarius...

Sagittarius is already the luckiest sign in the zodiac thanks to our Jupiter ruler. If you still need a little help to ace an interview, impress someone of just be at the right place at the right time, I bring you a few tips that can help:

• Our best day of the week is Thursday. A good day to plan career and love moves or life adventures.
• Lucky number: 3
• A crystal pyramid or a rose quartz heart vibrate with our sign.
• Jewelry stones: Turquoise but also Amethyst and Blue Topaz.
• Mantra: Expressing gratitude brings you more reason to be grateful for.
• Our sexiest part to stimulate: our thighs and our brain!
• Best colors: purple, magenta and lavender
• Element: fire

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