Signs you are a high maintenance Crab…

Signs you are a high maintenance Crab…

I hate Geminis today…. Last night, in the middle of a date, a Gemini guy dumped me! He said I am great and really nice but that I can be a little… high maintenance! I know that is a Cancer trait, I get it, but, is it true? If you are a Crab, like me, are YOU?

See how many of the following you can admit to:

• Do you always need to know where your boyfriend or girlfriend is?
• Do you manipulate them to get what you want?
• Do you always need to be holding hands?
• Do you need to talk about your feelings all the time?
• Do you need constant reassurance of their love?
• Do you admit your mistakes?
• Do you need to have sex every time you see him or her?

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