Beware of these not-so-friendly signs, Aquarius!

Beware of these not-so-friendly signs, Aquarius!

You know what they say – keep your friends close but your enemies closer. Well, you might want to keep a close watch on these signs, because they can turn on you in a dime. There are definitely exceptions, but I’ve learned to be wary of these...

Cancer natives can be big babies. Your offbeat, laid-back approach may come across as insensitive and flighty to overly sensitive, serious Crabs. You may find yourself walking on eggshells with them, and one “wrong” thing can turn them into a real wet blanket.

Leo is SO different from you, it would be amazing if you didn’t have at least some bumps in the road of this friendship. If a Leo doesn’t respect your humility and more private lifestyle, they might tell everyone you’re a big bore.

Pisces can be a high-maintenance friend, but can easily turn into an enemy if you can’t overlook each other’s vastly different mindsets. Pisces get so attached to every little thing, and when you don’t, they can label you as heartless. Hardly true!

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