These gemstones can heal your life, Virgo...

These gemstones can heal your life, Virgo...

If you could simply carry something in your pocket and feel better, wouldn’t you? Well, it is possible. There are several stones and gems that have intense healing powers for you, Virgo. Why not try a couple of these?

Rose Quartz: For love. Heals heartaches, grief of a loved one, and can help you find love or strengthen an existing partnership.
Aquamarine: Helps clear the mind so you can perceive things more accurately and easily.
Fluorite: Keeps negative energy away from you.
Bloodstone: Purifies the body, releasing toxins in you. Gives you more positive energy.
Pyrite: Helps if you’re experiencing financial problems. Attracts abundance.
Jade: Helps you accept things as they are. Calming, relaxing powers.
Obsidian: Helps protect you and assists you in overcoming bad habits and addiction.
Tiger’s Eye: Promotes an optimistic mindset. Balances your energies. Brings good luck and prosperity.

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