Impress your Leo with these flashy gifts…

Impress your Leo with these flashy gifts…

If you want to impress a Leo, it's important to take into consideration their personality. They are very generous and you probably want to be the same with them. A luxury lover, it is pretty easy to impress a Lion, but it might not be… well… that cheap…

Here are my top ideas:

• Tickets to the opera
• A designer scarf with their initials engraved
• A gold chain, earrings or bracelet
• A box of gourmet chocolates
• A pair or flashy sneakers
• A gold clutch (preferably designer)
• VIP treatment at the trendiest club in town
• A day at a spa
• A bottle of real champagne
Proposing? Leo's birthstone is obviously the diamond, but also topaz and ruby.

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