Are you secretly an evil Aquarius?

Are you secretly an evil Aquarius?

As good as we are, we all have a dark side. But some signs express it more than others, and Aquarius is one of them!

But it's not that we are bad people. Not at all! We are just so multifaceted, unique, and creative, so that dark, deep side is expressed more outwardly. So, how do you know how dark you actually are? Here are examples of how Aquarius' evil side show...

- Letting one negative thing outshine all the positives about someone, and treating them coldly.
- Letting our emotions get the best of us - road rage, outbursts, cursing in inappropriate places or ways, temper tantrums, picking fights.
- Punishing ourselves or others extremely for small mistakes.
- Telling someone hurtful things out of spite.

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