We hate to admit it, but all Virgos fear this...

We hate to admit it, but all Virgos fear this...

Virgo has it together better than any other sign. Some people marvel at how nothing ever seems to rattle us. But we know the truth... we just don't let others see us sweat. We aren't superhuman... even if signs like Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer seem to believe that. Let them. But also realize it's OK to fear these things - all Virgos do deep down!

1. Being called out for missing some detail. It happens, and we accept we aren't perfect, but we dread another sign noticing when we have a slip... especially a nitpicking Taurus or know-it-all Capricorn.
2. Being a focal point. We like more subtle, indirect attention. We aren't boastful like Leos, and tend to shrink if placed in the spotlight.
3. Asking for help. We pride ourselves on our amazing self-sufficiency, so when we can't do it all and need to ask for help - especially from an Aries, Gemini, or Aquarius, we hate it.

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