Lose it for good with these tips, Sagittarius…

Lose it for good with these tips, Sagittarius…

Lucky but expansive Jupiter rules Sagittarius, meaning we have a little harder time losing weight. It also means we need a different strategy to get in shape than most signs.

Here's the drill:

Say no to: Big meals. Instead of three, get used to having six small ones. Seriously restrict yourself from red meat, frozen, packaged and preserved foods. They are bad for everybody but especially for us!

Say yes to: Carrots! Our sign is related to carrots, a great snack and an amazing source of Vitamins (A and C), magnesium and fiber. For protein, eat eggs, soy, whole grains, dal or lentils and milk to strengthen your muscles.

Exercise tip: Anything that keeps the weight off our hips and tones them is good for us. Hiking, squats, horseback riding, power-walking, running uphill or cycling will do the trick.

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