The perfect gift for the most fun of all signs…

The perfect gift for the most fun of all signs…

Energetic, fast-paced and free-minded, Sagittarius is one of the hardest signs to find gifts for. The classic candle or face mask won't impress this fun-loving sign.

The Archer likes to live big and prefers an experience rather than something material. Whether you are looking for a regular or a mind-blowing gift, these are my ideas:

Regular gifts
• An archer or centaur charm or bracelet
• A traveling book to a place they want to visit
• A hiking trail book
• Take them salsa dancing
• Tickets to an art or science museum

Mind-blowing gifts
• Take them skydiving (my fav) or bungee jumping
• Tickets to an exotic destination (New Zealand, Namibia, Iceland)
• A digital camera
• A GPS system for their car or a well-laid out atlas
• A day at an amusement park

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