Worst dating behaviors a Libra won't tolerate...

Posted by Justin Scalia
Worst dating behaviors a Libra won't tolerate...

It's hard to not get a fair chance from a Libra, the most objective, fair sign. But when it comes to their relationships, they have a zero bullshit policy. Here are the four deal breakers that will make a Libra ditch their date...

1. Treating service people poorly. If your waiter isn't up to par, don't be rude about it. It might not be their fault, or they might be having a bad day. Libras give others the benefit of the doubt... if you don't, bye bye (I'm talking to you, Scorpio!).
2. Nonstop chatter about yourself. Listen up, Leos and other egocentric types: while a Libra is an awesome listener, when we go on dates, we like to get a break from advice giving and sympathy parties. Ask about us, we are fascinating!
3. Mental instability. This kinda relates to the above, with a Cancer woe-is-me twist... you are not a romantic charity case, so if you need a shrink, look elsewhere.
4. Tunnel vision. If it's your way or no way (hear me, Aries?), it's a no no with Libra.

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