Do this on a date with a Taurus and there won't be a 2nd!

Do this on a date with a Taurus and there won't be a 2nd!

Taurus is the most patient sign when it comes to dating, and they aren't quick to dismiss a potential suitor. They can overlook most flaws, but there are certain things that will put off a Bull so much that they could never proceed with the relationship. Here are the absolute deal breakers for Taurus:

1. Extreme dieting. You won't share the dessert your Bull adores because it's "too rich" or you can't eat half the menu for self-imposed diet constraints (ya here me, Virgo)? Table for one next time!
2. Flakiness. You change your mind on the venue three times, then show up late. You can't decide what to order, where to sit, and keep zoning out in conversation (Earth to Pisces!). Next!
3. All for show. You wear your "designer" polyester top and patent leather shoes like they are couture. You strut like you're on a runway. You keep looking around to see if others are checking you out. They are not - Scorpio?? - at least not this discriminating Bull!

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