Libras have this amazing psychic ability...

Libras have this amazing psychic ability...

Libras are so in touch with the needs and feelings of others that they may actually be able to communicate with those no longer on this Earth. That's right, believe it! Libras are mediums!

You may be communicating with spirits already and not be aware of it. For example, do you ever dream of people who have passed away? If so, they are actually reaching out to you to try and tell you a message, either for you for hoping you pass it along to someone else!

Drawing out your mediumship is pretty easy. Next time you have a dream or get a strong feeling that someone is with you, but you don't see them, focus on that person or presence. Say out loud or to yourself, "I'm listening." Then pay attention to receive any messages. Take it seriously. You might be the channel that connects people in amazing, seemingly impossible ways!

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