Do this to a Bull and they may never forgive you...

Do this to a Bull and they may never forgive you...

Taurus are loyal, honest, dependable, and level-headed. So, they can take most any shenanigans with a grain of salt. We might lose respect for someone for a wide range of bad behaviors, but it takes a lot to make a Bull totally shut someone out.

But there are a few things that will put a Taurus off so much that they are scorned and hurt beyond repair. Never, ever do these. After all, you don't want a Taurus enemy!
1. Talking trash about others. We are tough and can take criticism about ourselves, because we know usually it's just out of jealousy, but when you come to us with mean gossip, lies, and hurtful comments about others all the time, you become the one we despise.
2. Vandalism of our property. The trust can never be restored and we love our things, so don't damage them.
3. Consorting with the enemy. The key here is keeping it a secret from us. If you know we dislike someone, but go behind our backs and befriend them, when we find out, we will unfriend you.

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