The truth about dating a Scorpio…

The truth about dating a Scorpio…

Our sign is the most misunderstood of all. Some people could be scared to date us because of our bad reputation.

We are not malicious; we just have a hard time letting go. Some of the myths about dating a Scorpio (and the truth about them) are:

• We say we don't want to completely possess our lovers…lie.

• If before having "the talk" we say it's OK to date other people, please don't; a Scorpio could make you pay for it till the end.

• Scorpios love sex toys. That could be truth but we would rather not need them at all.

• Scorpios are manipulative. We're not like Pisces, we tell you what we want and how we want it.

• If you hurt us, we'll hold a grudge and take revenge. Not necessarily, we will just never forget about it.

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