You need to stop falling for these signs, Virgo...

Posted by Tristan Styles
You need to stop falling for these signs, Virgo...

Virgo is selective and rarely settles in any area of life, much less romance. But a few signs can trick even us into falling head over heels, only to get hurt or end up with someone who drives us nuts. While it's not true for every single person because of everyone's unique natal chart, these signs tend to lead to heartache for Virgos...

Pisces is too much of a fixer-upper project for you. Their moodiness and head-in-the-clouds ways will make you roll your eyes... and that alone may have them bursting into tears!

A Sagittarius is always coming and going, just like you. Only they are flitting off to silly little things and you are trying to get important tasks done. You might have a steamy affair, but when it comes to sharing monotonous but necessary daily tasks, you'll be taking on the brunt of the work.

Aries will try to take over control of the relationship and everything you do together. Their Mars ruler is too harsh for you, and you might end up fighting a lot... and then harbor resentment toward each other.

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