The pros and cons of dating these compatible signs…

The pros and cons of dating these compatible signs…

Natural observers and very in-tune with our feelings, Pisces pays attention to what could be a good partner for them.

Checking our compatibility comes in handy, and most of us know we are best matched with a fellow water sign or a stabilizing earth sign. But, out of these six signs, there are two that could be a wild card for us when it comes to love:

Pisces gets us. We are hot for each other and merge in a deep ocean of emotions, physical passion and artistic interests. The problem is that there could be no grounding here for us. With both of our heads in the clouds, who takes care of paying the bills, going grocery shopping or social calendars?

Earthy Virgo can stabilize our sometimes volatile emotions and understand our dreams and needs. But, there could be trouble in the bedroom. A Virgo might not be able to deliver as much as we need… if you know what I mean; at least not if they are the overly-practical type.

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