Leo, stay away from these types…

Leo, stay away from these types…

Let's face it. As Leos, we need a partner who can keep up with our larger way to live life and funtastic attitude.

Here are your worst love matches. Do yourself a favor by staying away from these signs:

Thrifty Taurus might know about good food, but they don't know how to live in the moment. Plus, they are the kind that want attention, but can't give it back. They might be good-looking, but also very boooring!

Stay away from intense Scorpios. They might be mysterious and hot in bed, but also very needy and jealous. They don't get why you always have so many people around you, it's your light-hearted attitude!

The worst of the worst? Capricorns. You're passionate, they're dull. You're fun, they're extremely boring. You like to live big; they're thrifty to the point of sadness. When it comes to sex, talk about a snoozefest

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