Steamy sex tips to please the most sexual sign…

Steamy sex tips to please the most sexual sign…

Incredibly passionate, Scorpio owns the strongest of the sexualities in the Zodiac. If you're bedding a Scorpio native, you better know what you're doing in that department.

Here are some tips to match Scorpio's legendary stamina:

• A mystery addict, this sign loves masks and blindfolds more than any other sign.
• For this sign, much of the foreplay happens long before the bedroom. Sexting and naughty photos are always welcome.
• Scorpio likes to experiment new things, different positions, and likes it rough.
• Doing it in front of a mirror is probably one of the hottest things for them. They love to watch themselves and you, too!
Scorpios are very tactile. Start teasing them, then tickle them and finish with an erotic massage.
• Stimulate all the senses by turning the lights totally off. Pitch black can be really hot.

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