Aquarians have this addiction more than other signs...

Aquarians have this addiction more than other signs...

No one's without their vices, and Aquarians are humble enough to admit most of theirs. But there's one vice that borders on full-fledged addiction for Water Bearers.

It's impulse spending. The key is spending beyond your means on something, or spending on an impractical impulse, aka - you just have to have it.

Be careful about the following, which can turn you down a dangerous road if you get too addicted...
Gambling - anything from lottery tickets to casinos to betting on races.
Luxury items like cars, designer duds, and other things you really don't need and/or can't afford.
Treating others. You might overspend on gifts, dates, dinners, and other things because you are so generous and love the thanks you get and the high from making someone happy or impressed. Don't go broke in the process or give undeserving people (moochers) too much.
• The newest version of any kind of technology. Really, your phone is only a few months old!

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