Signs you're not fulfilling your true Capricorn potential...

Signs you're not fulfilling your true Capricorn potential...

Capricorns are so responsible, sometimes their own deepest wishes get buried under those things that others expect from them. Not cool!

All that hard work can take a toll on you, mentally, emotionally, and even physically. If you're experiencing more than one of these, you're not being true to yourself and need to take a little "me time" ASAP!

• You can't sleep well more days than not. Doubly bad if you're having nightmares.
• You experience muscle aches, like a clenched jaw, sore upper back, aching knees and feet.
• You wake up dreading the day ahead of you... even sometimes on non-work days.
• You find yourself wondering why you said or did something at least once a week.
• Your friends, family, or colleagues make jokes (or serious comments) about your moodiness.

If this sounds like you, take care, Cap! Be true to you, you're awesome!

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