How to tap into your unique Virgo psychic power...

How to tap into your unique Virgo psychic power...

Do you ever sense someone's energy? Like, you enter a room and know who's sad, who's happy, who's anxious? Maybe your mood changes around certain people, too. That's aura reading, and Virgos who get in touch with this can actually take it to the level of a legit psychic power!

The trick is to use this intuitive power in a way that helps others while not draining you. If you let aura reading affect you negatively, you will feel fatigued, agitated, and overly concerned about the people whose auras you sense. Your ability to read auras can literally steal away your own energy.

The next time you sense someone's energy, think to yourself:
1. "What word best describes this energy?"
2. "Is it internal or external?"
3. "Can I do anything about it?"

By asking these three questions, you externalize any problem that isn't inherently yours. Do help if you'd like to, but don't feel obligated... everyone's aura is their own responsibility.

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