Sagittarius loves this in the bedroom…

Sagittarius loves this in the bedroom…

I went out on a date last night with an Aries man. At the end of the night I could tell he wanted to bed me.

He's hot, and I wanted to bed him too, but because I like him, I decided I would keep teasing him, but not invite him to spend the night. After we kissed, we suddenly asked me "What gets you off?" Here's my list:

• If you're dating a Sagittarius, you must like adventurous and spur of the moment sex sessions.
• Nothing is too wild so share your sexual fantasies; we will make them hot reality.
• Start foreplay with some verbal action, dirty talk or sexting.
• Gadgets and toys? Bring them on!
• Unlike Aries, we are not fiery; we prefer a smoldering and seductive approach.
•Take your vitamins because we are physically robust and once you get us going… we go for multiple!

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