Libras tend to fall for these oh-so-wrong types...

Libras tend to fall for these oh-so-wrong types...

Libras strive for balance and harmony, but they can be drawn to people who will lead to anything but in a relationship. Call it the allure of what one cannot have... but these types are all wrong for Libras and shouldn't be considered for a serious partnership...

Drama queens/kings. While it can be a passionate and lively affair, when a Libra dates someone who always has a big issue and can't stop ranting and raving, it's bound to go sour fast. Libras just have no tolerance for silly dramatics over petty problems.

Yes men/women. These people-pleasers are different from agreeable Libras in one fundamental way: they will agree to anything just to be liked. Even bad things, like stealing, lying, and cheating.

Overly-aggressive types. While a Libra might get swept off their feet by someone who just has to have them, when their behavior crosses to line to aggressive, loud, intrusive, even violent, forget it!

Homebodies. Libra needs to be social, so someone who hates leaving the house just won't keep a Libra happy.

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