How to catch a Taurus, the most sensual sign...

How to catch a Taurus, the most sensual sign...

Taurus is the most in-demand lover, because they exude sensuality and make sure their lover's pleasure comes first.

But while the frisky side of love is easy to achieve with a Taurus, capturing their heart take a lot more effort, time, and allure. Here are my top tips for nailing down a long-term thing with a Bull...

Be patient but persistent. Bulls hate to feel rushed, especially when it comes to matters of their heart like addressing their feelings or making a formal commitment. If they're in, they're all in, so don't press for a big talk. Let them take the initiative, while doing little things that make it clear you adore them.

Make us laugh! We can take life too seriously, so it's nice to have someone to show us the lighter side. While we don't really go for super goofy hi-jinks, we love a good, funny story or how you can brighten up a dark situation.

Treat them to something special. It need not be expensive, but getting tickets to their favorite show or making a dinner reservation at a place they mentioned will be really appreciated, since they are used to having to take the responsibility for all that and LOVE to get presents.

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