Oops! Here are the mistakes all Aquarians make...

Oops! Here are the mistakes all Aquarians make...

Every sign has its problems, even alluring Water Bearers. Here are the oopsies we've all committed at some time or another. I'm sorry to say I am pretty guilty of one on a regular basis, but I won't admit which one!

Being too out-there. Your creativity and out-of-the-box thinking have their place. But in some settings, especially if you have a traditional job, they can be too much. This can make others think they are stupid, or even worse, they think you're crazy. This can also backfire in romance. Don't be taking someone on a first date to a totally freaky science exhibit, for example (unless they are into that and you know it).

Being too generous. It's great a give whatever one is able, but some Aquarians give so much that they actually end up suffering financial and/or emotional hardship for it! Don't put yourself in debt or go without something you need to help others, at least not to the point where you're really in need yourself.

Rejecting a tried and true method. Sometimes, if it works you should not toy with it. Aquarians can try so hard to be innovative that they waste hours on something that could be so simple to complete.

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