These are the real reasons Aquarians can't lose weight...

Posted by Wade Waverly
These are the real reasons Aquarians can't lose weight...

If you're trying to lose weight and the scale won't bulge, you probably feel super frustrated. But Aquarians face unique challenges when it comes to weight loss. If you think you're eating right, working out, and the pounds won't come off, these might be to blame...

Water weight. We are "Water Bearers" in many ways, and if your bloat won't deflate, you're probably carrying extra water. The fix? Sounds counter-intuitive, but you need more water in your diet. Drink mostly water and nix the soda, juice, and too much caffeine. Eat water-rich foods like fruit, vegetables, and soup. And cut back in salt.

The wrong type of exercise. Weight training and cardio are best for you. Try Cross fit, high-intensity yoga, or a water sport like paddle boarding.

You're in a meal rut. You need a wide variety of foods to eat, but the key is planning. You can't have too much variety available at all times, but you do need to mix up your meals every single week. I like to plan my meals for the upcoming week each weekend. Find at least one new recipe each week so that you're not, for example, always eating a chicken salad at lunch and a stir fry for dinner.

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