Gemini's guide to their best romantic matches...

Gemini's guide to their best romantic matches...

Looking for a serious mate, just a fling, or more of a friend first? Find out that potential guy or gal's Zodiac sign to know where a relationship with them is likely to go...

It will always be fun with an Aries, but the good times might be fleeting, as you're both live so much in the moment.

A Taurus is your opposite, so while you will attract, your differences are likely to become annoyances.

It's a total gamble when two Geminis get together. You should know right from the start if you're complementary or double trouble.

A Cancer is likely to want too much too soon from you, so unless you're determined to find a serious mate now, you might feel suffocated.

A Leo and Gemini can be a dynamic duo, in for the long-haul, IF they respect each other's quirks and egos.

A Virgo will bring out your prominent disposition, so you two will either feed off each other's happiness, or sink into miserable company.

Libra is your best bet for a happy, healthy, lasting union of two very compatibile people.

Lots of passion exists between you and a Scorpio, and unfortunately that often gets heated in a bad way. Could definitely be a hot love affair, though!

A Sagittarius is a great match for you. You can challenge each other's minds and thrill each other's bodies!

A Capricorn is Gemini's best friend. They are different, but in supportive ways. If they want to make it work, they can turn a friendship into more.

Aquarius and Gemini have tremendous respect for one another, so any kind of relationship can turn out very happily if they have the same expectations.

Pisces is a dreamy match for Gemini... which can mean a quick, exciting affair or a very unexpected but happy pairing.

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