If you are single and looking, find your match here…

If you are single and looking, find your match here…

Wildly flirtatious, Rams usually don't have a problem finding a partner. But in case you're still looking, I'm going to tell you where you need to go so you don't end up wasting some valuable making-out time.

Let's start with your sign matches and where to spot them:

Sagittarius - This exciting prospect can become not only your greatest lover but also your best friend. A restless traveler, you can find them while traveling or in exotic food restaurants.

Leo - Are you ready to party until you die? Leos are easy to find because they are always out. You'll spot them being the leader of every group at social events and parties.

Aquarius - An adventurous and interesting partner who also needs freedom just like you, can be noticed for their original look. These futuristic folks can be found at any outer space theme party or technology event.

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