How to catch and keep the most playful sign…

How to catch and keep the most playful sign…

It can be relatively easy to attract the attention of fun and loving Sagittarius, the hard part is to keep them interested.

Passionate, likeable and always on the move, there's a fine line between sex and love for this sign. To make sure your Sag doesn't get bored, check all the following:

Be open to change. Sagittarius guys and gals are constantly expanding their horizons. They crave and love everything new.
Always tell the truth. The Archer hates lies more than any other sign and this kind of damage is irreversible.
Be upbeat. Sag is always on and they expect you to be too. Can you keep up?
Keep things lighthearted, fun, playful, and avoid being negative around them.
Challenge them. Sagittarius is extremely smart and loves a partner that keeps them guessing.

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