Yes, even the king of the jungle has flaws…

Yes, even the king of the jungle has flaws…

Charming and magnetic defines us as the mightiest of all signs. But, as hard as it can be for us to admit, we also (barely ever) make mistakes, especially if we don't get our way!

We are all guilty of these...

1. Leo's least favorite thing is being ignored. We just can't take it.
2. Because we love to be admired, we have a tendency to be self-centered.
3. Most Leos fear being alone. A king is no king without his people, right?!
4. We can be arrogant. Fiery and self-assured, we expect to be the center of the Universe.
5. Inflexibility can strike us when we don't get our way, which almost never happens since we can charm our way out of mostly everything.

Can you admit to all of these, Leo?!

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