Oops! Here are the mistakes all Libras make...

Oops! Here are the mistakes all Libras make...

Libras are often so focused on being fair, kind, and there for others that they can forget about #1... themselves! Such selflessness leads to four common mistakes all Libras make. What's your worst one?

1. Poor self-care. You can get so busy fixing the world that you burn out, get injured, or your feelings get hurt and resentment builds. The best way to love others is to love yourself. Prioritize your needs and pay attention to any pain you need to relieve.
2. Holding a grudge. This hurts you more than the person you haven't forgiven and forgotten. Letting go of a grudge releases negative karma so more positive energy to enter.
3. Shutting down when you're sad. You need to stay social, or your mental health will take a big hit. While you may feel like it's better to keep to yourself when you're down, this isn't doing anyone favors. Others need you, but you need them just as much.
4. Feeling sorry for yourself. While you may keep acting unselfishly, inside you can be reciting a "woe is me" dialogue. No one can fix your problems like you can, so take them seriously and don't play the victim.

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