Virgos, these colors can help improve your daily life!

Virgos, these colors can help improve your daily life!

Want a simple way to boost your mood, success, and even love life? Surround yourself with the colors green and brown!

These earthy shades can be worn on the body, added around your home, and placed in your work space to give you added luck. Here are a few suggestions to get the most out of these colors...

• Find an article of clothing in one of these shades that you feel absolutely amazing in. Your best bets are classic pieces like a coat, sweater, or dress.
• Add accessories to your wardrobe like emerald or jade jewelry, a tan scarf, and deep brown or camel-colored shoes.
• Paint the walls in the favorite room in your house your favorite shade of green or brown. Off-white with brown undertones works best if you want something versatile, or go for a bold pine green for a statement.
• Put plants in any space you spend a lot of time in, from your office to your backyard (garden) to a succulent terrarium as a kitchen table centerpiece.

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