Capricorns fall hard for these types - but shouldn't!

Capricorns fall hard for these types - but shouldn't!

Capricorns are winners at just about everything... except love. In fact, many Sea Goats set themselves up for heartbreak.

When we aren't in touch with our true selves and emotional needs, we are attracted to total losers. Here are the types we fall for most often but should never give the time of day to... aka, stay away from them, you deserve better!

1. Unavailable. This person is unavailable, literally (already in a relationship or long distance or physically not able to be fully in the relationship) or figuratively (emotionally not really in it). Capricorns go for these types partly for the challenge (trying to get the un-getable), and also because of a weird sense of security (knowing that it will never work out, aka, no surprise breakup).
2. Egotistical. Their power and prestige and inflated self-image is charming and exciting for a Capricorn, who loves success. But we aren't superficial like that, so after a while, the glamour of it will grow tiresome and downright off-putting.
3. Free spirit. Capricorns love to date someone who is a total wild child with no sense of responsibility. It can be really fun and passionate... until the bills are piling up and everything is a mess.

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