Geminis are sick and tired of hearing these...

Geminis are sick and tired of hearing these...

Sure, Geminis are masters of communication. They have the gift of gab. They can carry on a meaningful conversation about anything with anyone. But, there are certain things they are downright tired of hearing from other signs.

Don't say these to a Gemini, because while you might get a polite response (Twins have manners, after all), they are probably actually thinking something quite different (I included what I am saying in my head).

"I need to vent." (Again? Really? I am not your therapist!)
"You're such a good listener." (What? Are you still talking?)
"We need to talk." (Ugh.)
"Sometimes you're like two different people." (Yep, I am the sign of the TWINS!)
"Just make up your mind." (Give me better choices and I will!)

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