Drew is as understanding as a Pisces can be…

Drew is as understanding as a Pisces can be…

Drew Barrymore is all over the news with her recent book titled Wildflower, in which she opens up about experiences of her troubled childhood.

More fulfilling than her first book Little Girl Lost, this creative Pisces embraces her softer side by leaving her drugs-and-alcohol-crazed stories for a more mature memoir.

Drew is not only pretty and famous but also very real. As one of the few child actors who didn't end up in a disastrous adult life, she built herself a career as an actor beyond a life of fame and money.

Loyal to the bone and truly compassionate, she still supports her mother financially even though they haven't spoken much since her emancipation.

A devoted mother of two, she encourages mothers to balance their parenting and professional lives because she affirms it was her family what helped her find true happiness.

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