Quick! Get an accessory with this on it, Gemini!

Quick! Get an accessory with this on it, Gemini!

Want a good luck charm to empower you and give you positive energy throughout your day? Agate is Gemini's luckiest gemstone, so why not keep a little piece of agate with you wherever you go?

Agates are colorful, often sparkly, and found inside various kinds of rock. It might look like a boring gray orb at first, but crack it open and WOW. Gorgeous inside. Much like the way you might disguise your true character, Gemini!

Using your power gemstone is easy and need not cost you a lot of money. Here are some ways to use agate:

Display it in your home. On a mantle as a showpiece, by your bed, or in a sunny window are all great places.

Wear a piece on a necklace. Usually the edges are plated in gold or silver and mounted onto a pendant.

Use agate beads to add bling to a zipper or keychain, or create a beaded curtain to separate a room.

Organize your favorite books with a set of agate book ends. They are sturdy and will give extra power to the books they contain. Keep your journal, scrapbooks, photo albums, etc. here.

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