Derek and Hannah were meant to be…

Derek and Hannah were meant to be…

Some couples break up and others get engaged! Today's sweethearts are former Yankees star Cancer Derek Jeter and model Taurus Hannah Davis.

This super compatible couple has decided to tie the knot after three years of dating, which hasn't come as a surprise to many. As a nurturing and maternal Cancer, Derek really wants to have a family. And even though Hannah is way younger than him, she's a loving and down-to-earth Taurus with a girl-next-door attitude.

I have a good feeling about these two. Their elements, Earth and Water not only mix perfectly, but they need each other for inspiration and support. Soil needs rain in order to be fertile.

Both, Derek and Hannah are homebodies who delighting in simple pleasures like family life and good food, but also know how to plan a prosperous future together. There's no doubt they will build a beautiful home for their future family, and have beautiful babies.

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