Miley Cyrus, wild child Sagittarius - love or hate?

Miley Cyrus, wild child Sagittarius - love or hate?

What ever happened to that cure little girl from Hannah Montana ? It's pretty clear this bigger-than-life Sagittarius has come into her own and has embraced the open-mindedness and energetic traits of her Sun Sign.

Even if you're not so into pop culture, you always hear and find out about Miley Cyrus, she's all over the place, I mean; her boobs are all over the place…. Wait, does she have boobs? Barely, it's more like… just her nipples.

But, what's next for Miley? In an industry where it's hard to maintain your position, how many times can you appear naked and still get people's attention. Or, how many selfies involving smoking pot can you post before people are bored of you?

Whether people love her or hate her… they are still talking, blogging or posting about her. And that is what seems to work as far as Miley Cyrus's publicity goes.

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