3 common Capricorn love flaws and how to fix them...

3 common Capricorn love flaws and how to fix them...

Capricorns are humble about love. Other signs (Scorpios and Taurus, ya hear me?) like to take all the credit for being the most amorous signs. But we know subtle is sexier.

Thing is, Sea Goats often get in their own way when it comes to having a hot love life. Stress from work and other little daily annoyances take away from personal time. Here are the three most common ways Cappies sabotage their love lives (and how to stop).

1. Always prioritizing the "should." Yes, it's good to be responsible. But at the end of your life, you want to look back and say, "Can't believe I did that!" with a smile over saying, "I wish I'd done ___" with regret. Do a little more of the "coulds" and "wants."

2. Impatience. I am talking about the actual act of lovemaking here. Don't be in such a rush to accomplish the act. Enjoy all five senses and set time aside to just be affectionate and have fun with your partner.

3. Focusing on the future. Sometimes Capricorns can think, "What's the point?" if there's not a decent chance something will have a big, long-lasting, successful outcome. But life is short and there are never any guarantees. Invest more in romantic nows or you could never have those hoped-for laters.

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