What specific type of Virgo are you?

What specific type of Virgo are you?

Virgos are anything but simple, so it makes sense that individual Virgins fit some sign characteristics more than others. There are actually four different types of Virgos. Which one are you?

Selfless Virgo: You are the friend, the caregiver, the volunteer, the go-to helper. You want to save the world, or at least facets of yours. You give to many causes with your time and/or money, and probably own at least one pet, your "baby."
Bold Virgo: You are assertive, confident, and courageous. You aren't afraid to speak up, take the lead, and go after your goals. You're either the boss or the bosses' best asset.
Sensitive Virgo: You're quiet and can come across as shy, but mostly you just like to be the silent observer (until just the right moment). You care deeply about the details, and never forget an important date. Your reserved nature and romantic sentimentality make you a sweetheart.
Creative Virgo: You don't quite fit Virgo's practical, rigid, precise stereotypes. You're a bit eccentric, in a wonderful way. You're the trend-setting Virgo who thinks of newer, better ways to do or think about the standards. You can be quite hilarious, too!

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