Which side of your dual personality dominates?

Which side of your dual personality dominates?

As the sign of the Twins, you have two very distinct sides to your personality. We all express all spectrums of our personalities some time, but one Twin always stands out.

Which twin are you most like?

Twin A: You're action-oriented, so you put your thoughts out there and expect them to lead to something. Yes, even your more out-there or impulsive thoughts. You can talk anyone's ear off and you love to socialize and bounce ideas off others. You get annoyed when others don't listen to you. You're a realist who expects the best but prefers for the worst. You hate passivity and aren't good at waiting for, well, much of anything.

Twin B: You think a lot, too, but mostly to yourself, and you don't express nor act on your thoughts as much as Twin A. You're a dreamer and you like to keep your options open. You can get discouraged when real life fails to measure up to the way you imagine things. You are able to step back and see the big picture. You prefer to take your time.

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